I need my tutor to...

If I were looking for a tutor, I would want someone warm but firm, organised but fun, effective and engaging, generous and smart!

I would look forward to logging on with them each week - eager to experience what was in store.

I would love to have a tutor who was flexible - who could roll with my needs - without skipping a beat.

I would love a tutor who was patient with me until I got it.

I would love a tutor who encouraged me to be a brave, curious, confident learner.

I would love a tutor who accepted me for who I am and could build on my strengths and make me believe in myself and my own abilities.

I would look for a tutor with reliable routines.

A tutor who held a safety net for me, a tutor who would dust me off and put me right back in the saddle, not with disappointment, but a smile.

I am that tutor.

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