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Online tutoring is just like regular tutoring.

The only difference is that we communicate via a screen.


The benefits of online tutoring are many:

  • we work from the comfort of your own home

  • we can work together from anywhere in the world

  • leaves you free to do your thing

  • transport and travel are no longer an issue

  • fits in with your busy schedule

We can work on reading, comprehension, writing, spelling, math skills, assignments, homework, or extension.


Your needs are my focus.





Getting your student involved in tutoring set-up will create a positive buzz around this learning time.

The basic set up looks like this:

  • a screen + a keyboard – ideally a PC or laptop – and access to internet

  • a quiet, distraction free nook – a study corner, homework desk in a bedroom, Mum or Dad’s office

  • a Skype or Facebook Messenger account – both are free and easy to set up.

  • pencil/pens + paper

  • a glass of water

  • box of tissues

  • pin board or Blu-tack for keeping study notes/reminders/tips handy

  • a student folder on your desktop for storing work we do together

  • we’ll swap email and Skype names

On booking, I will email you ‘Welcome’ information.



Now that you have booked your preferred tutoring time-slot with me, we will connect to chat about your needs.


At our arranged time, your student will be at the screen and ready – I will call you. 


I encourage you to attend our first session to iron out any bugs that may arise with sharing screens, bookmarking useful sites, opening folders. 

And we get to meet in person!


We will establish a tutoring session routine, right off the bat!

A typical session goes like this:


1. Tap and Talk Welcome - with Brain Gym for learning focus.

2. Fast Fact Challenge - math tables development/revision for all students.

3. Your student’s needs determine the rest of the session.

I am happy to keep communication open and share highlights of sessions via SMS message or email. I am also happy to receive notifications of test results/reports from you. We make an awesome learning team!

HOW do we pay for online tutoring?



Payment can be made via Direct Debit.


It is preferred that payment be made ahead or on the day of your session.

I accept weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments.

Please allow at least 3 working days for new direct debiting to take effect. 


We will organise payment details once you are booked.


is online tutoring safe?




Online Tutoring is completely safe.

My online sessions are as private and confidential as other in-person or commercial tutoring.

I encourage you to be present at, or keep an ear on, any or all sessions if you have concerns.

I would be happy to have you connect with any of my online tutoring families. I also refer you to the bottom of my Home page for a testimonial from my very first online family.

I am familiar with all current Teacher's Codes of Professional Conduct.

I have all necessary Police Checks and a current Working With Vulnerable Persons card.


All we need to do now is get started. Hit the BOOK NOW button.

I’m looking forward to working together.



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