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I was a teacher in love with teaching - until I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease. 

(this might help explain why I've chosen to combine Tutoring and Health Coaching in this site)

My history with Crohn's Disease began shortly after I divorced. I was young and teaching and healthy. I could not understand what was happening -

                                             why me, why now, why this?

I was fortunate to cross paths with a wonderful Naturopath who helped me into remission through drug-free diet intervention. My remission lasted around 15 years – I was back to teaching and living a full life. Then, moving interstate with new, wonderful husband meant I had to resign from teaching in one state and establish myself in a new state. Long work hours, get-by eating, stressed by the system, and low immunity took their toll causing the Crohn's to flare again.

I decided to take time off work and take care of me. 

But without my Naturopath, what was I to do?

I got my head stuck into the books and researched my tail off!

Not only was I researching the ins-and-outs of my disease, and every other autoimmune condition, but I was applying the new knowledge to my own lifestyle. It took time but by body-hacking on myself and tweaking protocols I found the fit for my body. Then my friend and massage therapist suggested that I put my load of knowledge to good use helping others – she slapped a study brochure in my palm. Two years and a certificate from the New York based Institute for Integrative Nutrition later, I was a practicing, certified Health Coach.

Meanwhile, as I was studying, a dear teaching colleague who was going back to full-time work enticed me to take over her tutoring students. I grew from ‘I’ll give just one a go’ to a full, before-and-after school, tutoring schedule from my place in Narrabri, NSW.

Now able to fulfill 2 of my passions at once – it was an easy decision to keep working from home!

And here we are. I now live in a small apartment in the centre of Canberra, ACT, Australia and have moved my tutoring online.

Where will we go next?

Book now and we'll get started.