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Maree Clark

 Wellness Coach

online tutor

Book your student with me, now. I work on all areas from

Yr 2 - Yr 10, building a safe and supportive online space. 

english support

I'm available to work with students needing English support - including Tertiary students.


Is your health getting you down?

Book now and let's get your bounce back - it's easy with me as your wellness partner.


I offer personal online meditation and relaxation.

Or book me for your workplace or group in Canberra.


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about me

As a certified Health Coach and Primary School Teacher,

I deliver education and inspiration to clients ready for change.

Together we share positive breakthroughs,

making every consultation a growth experience.

 Are you ready to make change in your life?



client experiences

Tahlene, Brisbane QLD

Looking for a tutor? Maree Clark is our family’s fabulous tutor. All attended online. Kids are super savvy with this concept (particularly after our distance education experience in 2015). Highly recommend Maree. She has versatile skill set that helps kids with coping mechanisms for stressful workload at school too. Love, love, love her work ♥️

Helen, Narrabri NSW

Maree has a wonderful way of using her wisdom of both nutritional and emotional needs. She has such a calming influence using her meditation and other strategies. I can thoroughly recommend her services. Her knowledge and advice will make such a difference to your life.

Jo, Narrabri NSW

So comprehensive and a fantastic summation of what we talked about!  I am feeling quite positive about my dietary changes and have hit the ground running.

I really appreciate your knowledge and enthusiasm and look forward to seeing you again.

Di, South Australia

 I’m interested in signing up with you  - getting older and needing to focus on long term health, without relying on conventional medical methods and pills!
I have a dear friend, who I’m passing your details onto as we had lunch together today and the topic came up.  I know you’ve done extensive research and study and therefore had no hesitation in recommending you. 

Charmon, Narrabri NSW

I highly recommended Maree Clark - she is amazing, reliable, patient and has helped my daughter over the past year in both Math and English! We were so sad when she left us!

So anyone in the Canberra area that needs her - she is amazing! 


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